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At Howard-Rumph Academy, we believe every child can learn. No goal is too high for our students to reach. We refuse to lower expectations and dim their potential.



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Welcome to Howard-Rumph Academy!

We offer personalized learning plans and strategic services to help our students reach their educational and life ambitions. We aim to help our students to not only learn, but to find their niche so that they may become independent and productive citizens.

Our Approach

Our educational programs provide parents and students with multiple excellent options for homeschool education. Whether you choose Curriculum Services, Virtual Private School, or our Blended Learning Academy of Excellence, we ensure that your child will be challenged to reach their full academic potential. We believe every child can learn, and refuse to lower expectations and limit their development.

While our services are focused on individual students and personal academic development, we would be remiss to ignore the three major groups involved in the educational process. We have found that properly engaging parents, effectively training teachers, and optimizing school administration can dramatically boost to the academic success of each student.

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