Blended Learning Options
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HRA Blended Learning Options

Howard-Rumph Academy of Excellence believes in providing a variety of educational options to meet the needs of private clients and partnering organizations. HRA is recognized by the Georgia Department of Education Student Finance Commission. As a result, all students who are full time with our virtual or blended learning options take advantage of free dual enrollment at a local college campus or online. Additionally, Georgia residents will be eligible for the HOPE scholarships. HRA believe in normalizing your homeschool experience.

Howard-Rumph Academy of Excellence - STEAM College and Career Program

The Howard-Rumph Academy of Excellence is committed to developing quality homeschool education to service our greater homeschool community across the United States. This includes blended learning sites infusing face to face teacher led instruction and virtual courses using our common core and biblically aligned curriculum that is individually paced, not group taught. Our goal is to provide homeschool moms and dads additional support in meeting rising academic mandates, while providing comprehensive STEAM curriculum activities that will stimulate their future career interests. All blended learning academy services are offered to grades 3 to 12 from a biblical worldview to ensure all students develop academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Additional courses in Robotics, Aeronautics, Drama, and Dance are integrated within our STEAM offerings.

Data-Proven Success

Howard-Rumph Academy of Excellence continues to strive with proven success for students regardless of their GPA. For the 2016-2017 school year, our minimum GPA obtained on all transcripts for local education agencies, colleges and universities, sports academies, and a host of private clients was a 3.46 GPA, our average is a 3.7 GPA. Our student profiles range from a 1.3 GPA to as high as a 3.8 GPA. Regardless of their entering GPA, our academic standards are consistent and academic outcomes are obtained. According to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Dr. Ray reported the home-educated students typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests. (The public school average is the 50th percentile; scores range from 1 to 99.) A 2015 study found Black homeschool students to be scoring 23 to 42 percentile points above Black public school students. See the NHERI link for additional homeschool statistics at:

HRA Orientation and Registration Events

Every year, Howard-Rumph Academy of Excellence conducts a host of orientation and registration events. We provide local, national, and international students strategic orientation and registration sessions in collaboration with our homeschool academies, public and private school education partners, athletic academies, and for private clients to ensure our clients increase their academic astuteness and athletic capacity to obtain full academic and athletic scholarship opportunities with major colleges and universities. Call our office at 678-741-5329 to RSVP at our next orientation event.

Enrollment Options

Howard-Rumph Academy of Excellence ensures our enrollment process is completed within 24-48 hours of all tuition payments. Enrollment documents must be received for your school file. Due to our academy being a private virtual and blended learning school, all full-time students must have a completed school profile and need the following documents:

Student or School ID – In Color Only

Official Transcript (High School and Post Graduates)

Report Cards (Elementary and Middle School Students)

Test Scores – ACT, SAT, IOWA, State Mandated Assessments, etc.

Current School Class Schedule

Birth Certificate – Original and in Color

Immunizations (Blended Learning Sites Only. Virtual Students are Exempt)

Original Social Security Card

Passport – International Students

Student Visa – International Students

IEP or 504 Plan

All parents are protected with the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act (FERPA). As a school, we do not data share with outside agencies unless you participate through one of our premiere partners such as a private or public school, sports academy, or a community based organization. Click on the register now button, pay your $50 application fee and one of our HRA representatives will be calling you within 24 to 48 business hours. For immediate assistance, call our office at 678-741-5329.

HRA Educational Packages

We offer different package options to fit your needs. See below:

OPTION 1: HRA STEAM Homeschool Academy

- Part-Time and Full-Time in Douglas County, Ga.

- Price Range - $300 to $600 per month

OPTION 2: HRA South Fulton Tennis Academy

- Full-Time Only – Fulton County, Ga.

- Price Range - $600 to $750 per month

OPTION 3: HRA South Fulton Tennis Academy

- HRA Post Graduate and Athletic Prep School Partnerships (NCAA Compliance)

- Price Range - $2,400 to $3,600 per semester

Our pricing is affordable to meet your family needs. Call our office today to get a price quote for any of the above packages! If you are interested in more information on the Howard-Rumph Academy of Excellence call our office at (678) 741-5329 or register online today to secure your spot.